We work together to make the world safer. We want to create a community that aims to help anyone who needs it, to prevent dangers, to reassure your loved ones through the possibility of asking for help, giving a precise location in seconds as soon as you feel the need.

The My Keeper  community is you, your family, your friends and friends of friends. It is the sum of all circles of guards for all users, and all those who wish to help.

The My Keeper  community allows everyone to be free to travel and to stay independent in daily life. It enhances the sense of security by removing the feeling of isolation. Finally, it allows mutual assistance between its members.


Be able to run, hike, walk, alone and in safety

People who practice outdoor activities, jogging, hiking, mushroom picking, mostly alone, and who wish to be geolocated wherever they are (forest, mountain) and be able to alert their loved ones in case of emergency (fall, injury, animals …)

A solution to street aggressions and harassment

My Keeper is made for people living in urban areas who move around the city and may feel uncomfortable while traveling.

My Keeper allows them to instantly alert their loved ones and the My Keeper community, and to be geolocalized in case of incident or to be able to signal difficulties and to visualize the "zones at risk" on a map.

Extreme sport accident and precarious situations at your home or in journey

Athletes and travelers can count on Keeper devices and the My Keeper community because My Keeper works all over the world and brings a sense of security wherever you are.


Keep your autonomy at a low price

My keeper offers an economical solution for elderly people who want to maintain their independence and, in case of problems, to be able to easily launch, with a click, an alert to the people they have chosen.


My Keeper helps you keep in touch with your elders. They will be sure that you will be there for them, in case of emergency.

Be informed in case of accident or school harassment

You can stay connected with your children, monitor them and react quickly if necessary.

They can warn you, in a click, that they have a problem at school, college, high school, in a party, or on their way back.



Helping one's neighbor is, above all, a moral duty

My keeper is made for all those who are ready to help others in difficulty and want to be informed and advised on the most appropriate behavior to adopt in different emergency situations (eg accident, aggression ...).