Recommendations to follow when you jog alone!

Here are some rules to follow, as well for the women as for the men to run alone but in safety!

Inform your loved ones, be contactable and be able to reach them

For this you can leave a post-it on the fridge but you can also have free download The My Keeper app., have chosen the people to join on the application, take your phone previously loaded and have your Keeper alert button hung on you in an easily accessible place.

Run at times when the paths will be frequented by other joggers or walkers

Preferably, jog in the late morning on the weekend to be sure of crossing other people and evening on weekdays but always at reasonable times.

Stay alert and attentive - Make yourself visible

It is better to run without music to be attentive to the world around us.

Opt for bright colors to be visible by other joggers but also motorists and cyclists. And in winter, use a headlamp!

No routine, change your route at each exit, not to be spotted

Do not allow anybody to anticipate your course and avoid ambushes

It changes and it's more fun.

Remember to hydrate and have sugar in reserve.

To limit injuries and avoid slump

Drink regularly before you feel thirsty.

Always have cash on hand and take your transit card

Have enough cash on hand (20 €) to be able, in case of emergency to buy water or food,

To be able to return when one has underestimated the atmospheric conditions or overestimated one's capacities.

Always have your identity papers or your keeper

Have your identity card, your health insurance card and your mutual insurance card if, in case of an accident, it is necessary to go to the hospital!

You can also click on your keeper for a loved one to come and help you.

And finally, trust your instinct

In case of bad feeling in a place or face of an evil person, keep self-confidence, listen to his instinct and change his path and / or use your Keeper!

These recommendations are adapted from an article of the excellent blogs full of humor: