"The strategist"

President and Co-founder of My Keeper, Evelyne has over 30 years of experience in the computer, automobile and energy industry in various job positions ranging from developpement to top management positions in  R&D and innovation.

The reason for her vocation for My Keeper comes from her sporty and dynamic personality as she practices a lot of running. Evelyne recognizes her feeling of insecurity that people get when they feel isolated.She does not wish to limit her freedom of movement because of the risk of safety-threatening encounters in urban environments.




Directeur CEO and Co-founder of My Keeper, Nicolas is a young entrepreneur fresh out of the EDHEC Business School. In parallel to his school work, Nicolas managed to create two new companies in the event industry as well as one in the service for people in difficulty.

The idea of My Keeper appeared during his studies as he realized that his friends had to walk home alone. Nicolas wants to give back to the community the simple liberty of movement. Also, being an adept of skateboarding at a professional level, his past experiences have caused him several injuries. He often says that “in certain situations, you count every second that goes by”.




Co-founder of My Keeper, recently graduated in computer engineering, and currently working on his PhD within My Keeper, Jeremie is passionate of innovation and technology. 

Being himself an extreme sports enthusiast that he often practices on his own, he constantly tries new ways to contact his relatives in case of emergency. Jeremie strongly believes in the use of technology to make the world a safer place, which is why he devotes his time to the good development of My Keeper.




IT manager, shareholder and IT developer at My Keeper, Maximilien is in charge of the development of the mobile application My Keeper and accompanies Jérémie in the development of the Secur Ecole solution. Young computer scientist passionate about the world of startups, Maximilien wished to join the My Keeper adventure to contribute to the creation of a safer world. He was the first employee to join My Keeper, first under an ARDAN contract and then as an employee and shareholder.



Graphic Designer, employee and incidentally cousin of Nicolas and Jérémie, Hervé is in charge of the creation of the whole of the media of the My Keeper company . Specialized in motion design and video production, he brings his expertise to make My Keeper a renowned brand in the security market. His skills on Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign software offer a simplicity in the explanation of the innovative offers developed by the team.


bouton anti agression, alerte, sos, forêt

The inception idea of My Keeper appeared during a family diner. The family began a discussion around the feeling of insecurity that affects women. Sandra, their 15 years old little cousin is not allowed to go out for a run on her own in the forest next to her home. While searching for a solution, they thought about a connected device which would allow to instantly send notifications or text messages in order to inform ones relatives in case of an emergency, with the person's location. Through this idea, the Demarchez family understood that their product could be very useful for different people in various situations. For example Evelyne who runs on her own in the forest, or a friend who is nervous about walking home alone after a party. And this is how the Demarchez family began to develop the community aspect of their project.



My Keeper is an active member of the P.Factory Accelerator, which holds 5% of My Keeper's share capital.

P.Factory challenges our team on a daily basis in many areas:

· From the network to find the right contacts

· From Open Innovation to doing business with large groups

· Calls for tenders to win contracts

· From BtoC, to go from prospect to customer


Bpifrance supports the My Keeper adventure. Our company has received a French Tech Grant and a seed loan to accelerate the research and development of innovative products.

EDHEC Business School

My Keeper is incubated at the premises of the prestigious EDHEC Business School in Nice.

Evahia bijoux

My Keeper has partnered with a French designer, Evahia who exclusively crafted these jewellery for My Keeper.

The design of your connected Keeper button is therefore thought and handmade in France, making each piece unique.


My Keeper has officially obtained the JEI (Young Innovative Company) status, which opens the door to new rights.

In other words, the French State today recognizes the quality and the usefulness of our R & D on the Hexagon.