Avec Secur Ecole, les mairies mettent en sécurité les écoliers et les enseignants en cas d'alerte intrusion


1. How does Secur Ecole work?

Secur Ecole is a threat prevention system for schools.

In case of malicious intrusion into a school, you have to react quickly!

The teacher sends an alert thanks to the SOS Athena device.

The tele-assistance receives the alert, raises the doubt thanks to a discreet listening and warns the police forces.

The other classes are warned by an acoustic signal emitted by their SOS Athéna device, and set up the protection protocol (evacuation or confinement)

The national police and / or the gendarmerie intervene and master the situation.

2. Is the SOS Athena tag a tracker?

No, this device does not allow you to listen to or locate teachers outside of an alert.

3. Who is the Secur Ecole device intended for?

Teachers mainly. In classrooms, teachers have the SOS Athena device on them to warn law enforcement at all times.

Outside the classroom, in the canteen, or the playground, for example, the device remains functional because it is mobile and is worn by each teacher; these can send an alert at any time of the day without geographical limitation in the enclosure of the school. Outside of school, alerts can not be sent but can be received

4. How does discreet listening work?

It is a remote listening, by the remote assistance, of the atmosphere and conversations in the classroom, around the SOS Athena device sending the alert. This allows to discretely qualify the situation to perform the removal of doubt. Outside of an alert, the microphone is off.

Secur Ecole allows anyone aware of a danger (including an attack) to warn all occupants of places of imminent danger.

Secur Ecole allows any person present in the establishment to warn all occupants by sending an alert via the SOS Athena device or by sending “Intrusion alert” to a defined number (computer server), via his mobile phone. All the SOS Athena trackers of the equipped establishment are then activated and emit a specific ring.

Do the sound diffusers have a distinct sound from the fire alarm, the intrusion alarm (theft), the sound of the courts, recreation or other sounds specific to the existing school group?

The built-in audible alarm in each SOS Athena devices sounds different from all other alarms.

Is the alarm heard in all parts of the school group including the school restaurant and playgrounds?

During an alert, all Athena devices of the establishment will emit an audible alarm. Their number and distribution within the institution are therefore strategic. Our Athena GPS trackers have a sound level of 70 dB, we have voluntarily limited the volume to 70 dB because each device has its own diffuser and the sound volume of 90 dB would be unsustainable if all the devices of an establishment came to resound at the same time.

In addition, simultaneously, all the staff of the establishment registered in our database will receive an SMS alert, on their mobile phone.

Secur Ecole integrates all the risks related to the PPMS Is it scalable?

The Secur Ecole device was designed to respond to the risk of attack and malicious intrusions in public institutions.

Our system is entirely digital. It can therefore be parameterized according to the needs. For example, the number of Athena GPS trackers per institution may change. Our device makes it easy to add Athena GPS trakers over time to ensure the eventual addition of a classroom or expansion of a school building.

Can the real-time alert be sent simultaneously to the Urban Supervisor Center, the Municipal Police of the city, and a selection of other interlocutors?

Upon the triggering of the alert, an SMS is automatically sent from our server to the Urban Supervisor Center, the Municipal Police, and other requested contacts. In addition to these SMS, we have established a protocol in case of sending an alert in partnership with the remote support team CDT security. The protocol is adaptable to each school according to the needs of the school. If no change is requested, the standard protocol is as follows:

When an alert is issued from one of the Athena GPS device, the procedure is as follows:

The alert is sent to our partner Telecom CDT Security.

Upon receipt of an alarm sent from a transmitter, it is presented simultaneously to all operator screens to optimize the delay of its consideration.

The first operator receiving the alarm, instantly obtains the display of all information from the record of the school concerned, as well as discreet listening through the Athena GPS tracker that launched the alert. The discreet listening allows the Tele-assistant to better qualify the situation and assess the need.

Depending on the case, the evaluation of the need leads to the organization of an intervention to cancel the alert, giving priority to the school safety officer and / or the school principal to ensure the false alarm. , and avoid the use of intervention by the police.

In the case of a terrorist intrusion (armed person, group of malicious individuals), the National Police and the Gendarmerie are immediately contacted, as well as the school principal and the safety officer of the school.

The operator is responsible for ensuring that the containment procedure is properly implemented by the school principal and / or the school safety officer.

In case of terrorist intrusion, this information and this support are given by telephone, maintaining dialogue, if necessary, until the arrival of the police.

If the removal of doubt carried out through the Athena GPS tracker is not sufficient to confirm an intrusion, the mission of CDT is always to privilege the relationship with the security manager and / or the school principal and to inform him in case of intrusion.

After filtering by the operator, the police are the only ones to decide on the means of intervention during an emergency call, this, either thanks to the dialogue with the security manager and / or the principal or the launcher of the alert (via the Athena beacon), or from the information provided by the remote assistance operator, if the launcher of the alert is unable to speak.

Does the installation of the “Secur Ecole” warning system require work within the school?

The Secur Ecole warning system does not require trenches, electrical connections or other work. Once the system is set by our engineers, it is immediately operational. Its implementation within the institution is only to give the Athena device to teachers. All they have to do is connect the charger and put the tag to charge at the end of the day, after class.

The Athena GPS trackers are powered by rechargeable batteries, their autonomy is at least 24 to 48 hours.


Does the alert system require an additional subscription at the expense of the municipality (internet, telephony, fiber, …).

Our SOS Athena trackers include subscription SIM cards. We include up to 4 years of operation and maintenance in our offer that includes network subscription fees in order not to incur operating costs for the municipality.

Our system integrates SIM cards into tags because it allows it to be autonomous and self-sufficient. Automatic cyclic tests performed every 24 hours make it possible to check that it is working properly. Our solution ensures the functionality of the system against radio jamming attempts that may be used during an intrusion.

Does the service provider include in its offer the training of users in the operation of the alert system?

After each installation in a school, a training of the whole staff on the use and the good practices is planned. In addition, each SOS Athena tracker holder will receive a “User Guide”.

Once a year, does the service provider check and operate the warning equipment, including the emergency solution?

Throughout the year, the proper functioning of the equipment is controlled automatically. Each GPS tracker of the subscriber school sends daily and automatically a certain number of “messages”, to the Technical Pole of the company My Keeper. If a malfunction is reported, My Keeper technicians will send an e-mail and contact the school security officer by phone to set up procedures.
Remote monitoring of SOS Athena traker includes the following tests:
• Automatic cyclic test technical message, sent by the transmitter, with the identification of the trigger concerned. This message is issued as a result of remote testing done on Athena tags every 24 hours.
• Automatic cyclic test technical message, sent by the server to test the connection with the company CDT. This test is performed every 6 hours.

In case of non-receipt of this test, the school subscriber will be contacted by phone and / or e-mail to establish the reasons for the malfunction and to intervene, if necessary. All costs related to a hardware malfunction are the responsibility of the company My Keeper during the 4 years of the contract (warranty & maintenance included)

Is there a lag between an individual alert trigger and siren trigger?

The time difference between an alarm trigger and the sounding of the sirens of each school beacon can be up to 10 seconds.

You indicate that an operator performs a removal of doubt in the event of a trigger. Is it possible to remove this step in the alerting process to speed it up

YES. The removal of doubt can be removed and the alert sent directly to the pre-designated security referents (municipal police, CSU, …). Telephone communication between the Athena GPS tracker that initiated the alert and the security service is maintained to collect information and transmit it to the response forces.

In case of power failure, what is the maximum operating time until the power is restored?

The operating time is 24 to 48 hours.
Our Athena GPS tracker must be recharged daily; they are then self-powered for a period of 24 to 48 hours and do not depend on the electrical network for their daily operation. In addition, in case of power failure, the alert can also be sent by SMS directly from mobile phones referenced staff without time limit.