The Keeper is an alert button connected to the application My Keeper to ease and speed the sending of an SOS and to be geolocalized in case of emergency.


The Keeper collection

During an emergency it is often difficult to reach your phone quickly and know exactly where you are.

The Keeper, a connected alert button, allows you to inform your friends and family in a single move of your location when you need help.

My Keeper offers two collections of Keeper alert buttons

The Classics (49.95 €) - Volcano, White Keeper, Black Keeper

The New Collection (59,00 €) - Tiger, Ocean Black, Ocean White, Lucy, Woody, Angel



My Keeper has partnered with a French designer, Evahia who exclusively crafted these jewellery for My Keeper.

The design of your connected Keeper button is therefore thought and handmade in France, making each piece unique.

You can also make your Keeper at the Evahia workshop in Mouans-Sartoux, France (06).

The concept "Do it yourself" :

In the warm atmosphere of our designer’s workshop make your own custom Keeper, choosing:

  • Your beads
  • Your charms
  • Your hook


The price 59, 00 € includes the components (hook, pearl, charms) of the range proposed by the designer.



1. In case of difficulty

press twice on the Keeper alert button 
on the icon « SOS - Alert my guards » 
in the application My Keeper.

2. You are sending an SOS:

a notification or an SMS

is sent to the contacts

previously registered

in the My Keeper application

3. Your loved ones respond to the SOS:

your friends and the MyKeeper community

are aware of your difficulty.

They help you

thanks to the shortest route

and the chat available

in the My Keeper application


Our solution is based on tested , simple and robust technology.


Our devices are connected by Bluetooth with a smartphone application developed for iOS and Android.

At the moment, the possibility of sending alerts is based on the connection to the GSM network. Being reliable is a necessity for a security device. As your security can rely on our devices, we have tested our devices very seriously to ensure that the alert can be sent easily.


My Keeper offers 2 years of free warranty on the Keeper alert button collection.

Free delivery
2 years warranty
consumer service