Keep an eye on your loved ones whenever you want

with Athena SOS GPS tracker



Why should you equip yourself or your loved ones with the Athena device?


The primary desire of seniors is to live as long as possible at home and live their lives in a normal way.

However, seniors can be physically impaired and at risk of hurting themselves easily. With our Athena SOS device, they can avoid:





in everyday life


Offenders and criminals


Stigmatization of traditional

teleassistance operators

With Athena alert GPS tracker,

Keep your loved ones safe


The person can send an alert to both his family, friends, neighbors and our assistance team with the SOS button of the Athena device. The text message also comes with the GPS location directly on your mobile phone. You will be able to call the device back with no distance limit, but do not worry our professional team is also calling them!

With the Athena Alert button, your alumni can warn you of a problem

1. Your loved one is in danger

2. It presses the button on the Athena SOS GPS tracker for 3 seconds

3. The alert is sent to the emergency contact (SMS with geolocation)

3bis. The remote assistance operator reminds the user to determine the problem and send help

4. Help is sent


No need for a phone

All you need to do is save the mobile number of the Athena tracker.

With Secur Esprit,

Bring peace of mind at home

With Secur Esprit, we can work together to preserve the security of your loved ones. If your family member, friend or neighbor gets lost going food shopping, you can easily track them and make sure that they are safe. You can call them, reassure them and guide them home, or just let us do it!

With Secur Esprit, your senior relatives can launch a SOS in case of problems

Management of


Geolocation of the last

position of the device

Recording of

daily self-tests

Management of

emergency contacts