The device specially designed for the safety of isolated workers

The SECUR ESPRIT solution is based on two types of Lone Worker Safety Device :
the Athéna alert button and your professional smartphones optimized in Lone Worker Safety Device (no mobile application).

Thanks to the SECUR ESPRIT administration interface, manage your different alert devices. Setting up and managing the interface are simple
and the flexibility of the system makes it possible to cover all the risks faced by your isolated workers.



The new generation of lone worker security device

This new generation is based on the use of the SOS sending functionality developed by smartphone manufacturers and already implemented in Android phones.

My Keeper uses this functionality to allow, in one or more presses, to trigger the complete chain of events to save the person in danger.

The Athéna device

The 3rd generation of lone worker safety device

The Athena devices offer all the functionalities expected within a DATI, alert sending with bidirectional communication, loss of verticality, absence of movement, GPS location, audible alarm...

The smartphones and Athéna devices communicate with each other thanks to the Secur Esprit software.
The two-way communication allows to verify the authenticity of the alert in case of emergency.
You can manage your DATI fleet from the interface provided for this purpose.


The SECUR ESPRIT solution offers an administration interface that allows to control and manage the operation of all Athena devices and Android smartphones.

SECUR ESPRIT on smartphones



We assist employers in meeting the general obligation of safety and rescue

My Keeper integrates the SECUR ESPRIT solution to existing professional smartphones or offers a turnkey solution (smartphone + sim card integrating SECUR ESPRIT).



How does it work?

Simply register the My Keeper emergency number in your smartphone.

In case of emergency, several presses on the lock button on the smartphone will alert the emergency services.

How does the Athena device work?


The Athena device is the innovative device already used daily by 2000 professionals and received the innovation prize in the "Prevention & Safety" category from the French Mayors Association.



How does it work?

Several modes of sending alerts for each situation :

Manual : The SOS button triggers the alert by prolonged pressure.

Automatic : Loss of verticality due to fall detection and/or prolonged immobility automatically trigger the alert.

The 4 steps of the alert

1. Athena device : Alert by pressing the SOS alert button or through the "fall detection and lack of movement" feature.
Smartphone : : Launching an alert with one or more presses on the lock button of the smartphone.

2. Remote geolocation of the device (Athena device or smartphone) and its holder by the remote assistance operator who calls the device to remove the doubt.

2bis. E2bis. Sending of SMS messages to the list of emergency contacts predefined in the SECUR ESPRIT interface. The SMS gives information on the nature of the alert, the user's GPS position (Google Maps link), as well as his first and last name. There is no limit to the number of emergency contacts.

3. Calling of the emergency services (firemen or police forces) by the professional security operators of My Keeper in order to communicate to them the information collected during the removal of doubt.

4. The emergency services intervene.

The person who sent the alert is safe.