Secur Ecole is more than just a monitoring device,

it is a complete security device that protects the students,

staff and visitors from all different kinds of threats





An ideal device for school safety

The operation of the Secur School device is based on manually triggered SOS Athena buttons, in the event of a threat,
and an administration interface developed by the My Keeper engineers.


Athena alert buttons are the only devices PPMS (PPMS)that jointly are alarm triggers, audible alarms (70db) and alarm centrals. Thanks to the administration interface, they also make it possible to reuse all the alerts of a PPMS and their management is simple, flexible and locally feasible.

With the AthenaGPS tracker, send a PPMS alert message

How does it work

in case of a malicious intrusion?
Teachers are equipped with an Athena alert device that allows them to send an alert in case of a malicious intrusion. The alert is received by all the others Athena devices from the school so that teachers can put the students to safety. It is also received by the remote assistance which warns the police immediately.

Discover the device in video

1. The teacher sends the alert with the Athena PPMS alert device of his class

2. The other classes are warned by a sound signal emanating from their Athena alert devices then the PPMS protocol is set up

2'. The teleassistance is at the same time alerted and SMS are sent to the emergency contacts to inform them of the intrusion

3. A teleassistance operator calls the device that has issued the alert and verifies the authenticity of the alert thanks to the sound environment.

4. The operator transmits the information to the police.

5. The National Police or Gendarmerie intervenes and controls the situation.

The 'multi-risk option'

How does it work?

The multi-risk management option allows you to complete the PPMS Safety Plan of your establishments by adding natural risks (weather, for example) and industrial risks in addition to the intrusion / attack alert.
The Athena alert device can send all the PPMS alerts and sends a "security information" sound message. An SMS written by you is sent to teachers from the Secur Ecole administration interface.

The main objective is to improve the communication between the school, townhall and police in case of major risk (extreme weather conditions, forest fire, chemical risks etc).

Secur School allows you to launch PPMS alerts with the SOS Athena tag

In the event of a major risk event

Secur Alert and Secur School are complementary in the transmission of alerts to citizens.

4 reasons to equip yourself now


Protect the school
Protecting students and staff in the institution is an obligation but also a moral duty

React quickly
The school can count on a quick and effective response to malicious intrusions

Respect the law
Rectors must prevent the risk of attack and intrusion by taking the necessary steps to secure schools

Receive help from the state
The french state has released a budget of 50 million euros to finance the securing of schools

They trust us

Secur Ecole at Audun le Roman