Keep an eye on your children whenever you want

with the Athena GPS SOS tracker



Why should you equip your children with the Athena device?

 Vulnerable children are too often facing threats of harassment, bullying or aggressive behavior, both at school and outside

With the Athena GPS SOS tracker, your child will not need a mobile phone at such a young age.
Hence, they will avoid potential risks such as:

With Secur spirit, your children can launch a sos with the SOS button athena


Parents have limited control over their children’s use of internet. The child may come across content that is malicious or not age-appropriate.

With the Athena alert button, your teens can send an alert message, then be geolocated and talk to you.


Excessive mobile phone use for children can often lead to depression, sleeping difficulties and unsocial behaviors. Avoid them spending all their time on social media and apps!

With Secur Esprit, your children can alert you to a problem and you can geotag them and talk to them or the remote support will take care of them.


Children are increasingly being targeted by mobile phone thieves.

With Secur Esprit you keep a connection with your children without the dangers of mobile phones


Avoid your children getting detention from using their mobile phones at school!

For the safety of children, the Athena Alert Button has the advantages of a laptop without the inconvenience

With the Athena SOS GPS tracker,

your child can send an alert at any time.


In case of emergency, your child will be immediately communicating with our team of highly trained professionals in security. They will be able to identify the issue and find a quick solution to rescue them. You will also receive a message on your mobile phone informing you of the problem along with your child’s GPS position. You will also be able to call them on the Athena SOS tracker, but do not worry, our team is already taking care of it!

Athéna panic button is easy to use, allows sending alert, geolocation and dialogue, in case of aggression of your child

1. Your child is in danger

2. It presses the button on the SOS Athena GPS tracker for 3 seconds

3. The alert is sent to the emergency contact (SMS with geolocation)

3bis. The remote assistance operator calls the user to determine the problem and send help

4. Help is sent


No need for a phone

All you need to do is save the mobile number of the Athena GPS SOS tracker so you can contact your child.

With Secur Esprit,

you can locate your child at any time.


With Secur Esprit you can find the position of your child from the Secur Esprit interface.

The GPS tracker records in real time the GPS position of the Athena GPS SOS tracker with no distance limit.

The Secur Esprit device makes it possible to send an SOS, to be geolocated and to be able to communicate with the emergency services in the event of an accident



Geolocation of the last

Athena tracker position

Daily recording

of self-tests

Management of

emergency contacts